Princess' stunt at the end of the last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood made Ray J realize his lack of effort in planning their wedding and he's determined to be more involved in the process moving forward. She's worried about who will show up to their wedding in light of her strained relationship with her parents, especially her father who she hasn't seen in 10 years. Princess is also unsure of who will walk her down the aisle if her father isn't present, but Ray J assures her that he has her back. According to Ray, everything will be fine and he plans to go the extra length to ensure Princess has the wedding of her dreams.

Shanda and Willie have yet to patch things up with each other but he's ready to right his wrongs. The singer links up with Fizz at the studio to discuss the situation. After being reluctant about confiding in his friends about his relationship struggles, Willie finally comes clean about the love triangle that is jeopardizing his marriage.

Masika and Shanda meet up to chat about everything going on in their respective lives and as the conversation goes on, the two find a common enemy in Brandi. Masika isn't fond of her and they exchanged words during a studio session with Brandi's husband, Max. Although Masika views Brandi as an afterthought, Moniece appears to be hellbent on getting vengeance for Brandi criticizing her parenting. She also reveals that she intends to invite Brandi to her listening session, with the intention of causing a ruckus, as well as breaking up her marriage with Max.

Princess is shopping for a wedding dress and since her mother is too far to experience the moment, she invites her best friends to come along instead. She also admits that the many family members Ray J expects to come leaves her feeling a bit insecure, due to her fears that her own family will be absent on her big day. But much to Princess' surprise, Ray J shows up unexpectedly. Little does she know, Ray has brought along a guest with him, who happens to be Princess' grandmother. The gesture proves that Ray J is truly engaged in making this wedding as special as it can be.

After the fiasco that was Lyrica and A-1's housewarming, Nikki Baby invites Lyrica out to lunch. They give each other an update on the current events in their lives, including Nikki's love triangle with Rosa Acosta and Safaree. Although her relationship with Safaree went sour, Nikki is interested in fixing things and picking up where they left off. But just as Nikki is explaining her affection for Safaree, her friend Phil reveals that Safaree was seeing someone that Nikki didn't know about. The news catches Nikki off guard and she decides to reach out to the woman in question for a sit-down to see if the claims are true.

Willie finally touches base with Shanda again in an attempt to repair their relationship. Although Willie pulls out all of the bells and whistles to impress her, Shanda is unmoved and says that she doesn't feel Willie puts her and his family as a priority. As a result, she needs time to be alone to process things.

Princess and Brandi get up to hang out for a bit, and it appears that Moniece's plan is in motion, as her invitation for Princess to attend her release party dominates the conversation. While Brandi seems skeptical of Moniece's intentions, Princess insists that they show up and make their presence known.

After linking up with Ray J, Willie and A-1, Safaree gives them the rundown on the situation with Nikki and Rosa Acosta. He also explains how his plan to include himself in their romance backfired. However, he announces that he and Nikki Baby are back on good terms and plan to meet up in hopes of rekindling their relationship. Ray J, who is intent on offering relationship advice, suggests that Safaree wear an earpiece to get instructions from him as to what to do and say during the date.

Moniece's release party for her new song is a success, but the star of the night appears more concerned with settling her score with Brandi, an opportunity which she takes while sharing her appreciation to those that came out to attend. Brandi shoots back that Moniece's claims are false, while Princess takes offense to being lured to the listening and her friend being cast in a negative light, leading her to attempt to attack Moniece herself. Moniece says that her intention to get a reaction out of Brandi was successful and she feels no remorse for her actions.

Nikki and Safaree come face to face since the last time they saw each other and Ray J's plan is in effect. Safaree takes notes from him, but Nikki's own plot suddenly unfolds when she brings in the alleged woman that he had relations with. The woman in question, who's face is never shown on camera, confirms Phil's claims that Safaree cheated on Nikki. However, Safaree maintains that he has never met the woman in question and says that the picture she provides as evidence was taken under the guise of her being a fan. Despite Safaree's denial, Nikki appears to believe the woman, deeming Safaree a hypocrite for judging Nikki's own past. Disgusted with how the tables have turned and Nikki's constant deceit, Safaree says that he intends to fall back from dealing with her until she wants truly wants to be with him, making a possible reconciliation between the two unlikely.

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