L'Orange is back with his latest project, The Ordinary Man.

The new LP, the producer's third, features 16 songs with guest appearances from Del The Funky Homosapien, Blu, Elzhi, Koreatown Oddity, Chuuwee and Solemn Brigham. The album also features the previously released track, "Look Around."

The latest project, is produced entirely by L'Orange and released on Mello Music Group. The offering is a concept album of sorts. "The Ordinary Man chronicles the narrative of a magician who discovered late in life that his peers weren’t actually pulling rabbits from hats," the album's description on Bandcamp reads. "Crestfallen and disillusioned, he digs deeper to push his own show into uncharted territory, demonstrating ostensibly impossible feats for crowds too terrified to ask for the reveal. As the audience gradually realizes that his practice of the dark arts isn’t fraudulent, people from all around the world flock to him. Unfortunately, this loyalty to what he was rather than what he did becomes patronizing and dull—engendering a bitterness and disenchantment that leads him to finally disappear in front of millions of stunned onlookers. "

Last year, Orange linked with MC Mr. Lif for the collab project, The Life And Death Of Scenery. The LP featured Chester Watson, DJ Q-Bert, GonjaSufi, Akrobatik, Insight and narration by stand up comic Wyatt Cenac.

Listen to L'Orange's new album below.

L'Orange's The Ordinary Man Tracklist

1. "Third Person"
2. "Blame The Author" Feat. Del The Funky Homosapien
3. "The Everyday Illusion"
4. "Parlor Magic"
5. "The Difference" Feat. Blu and Elzhi)
6. "The Love/Hate Relationship Between Rabbits & Magic"
7. "Suspension"
8. "Stage Magic"
9. "Things Are Just Props" Feat. Koreatown Oddity
10. "Cooler Than Before"
11. "Plastic Fame" Feat. Chuuwee and Solemn Brigham
12. "Anywhere Is Just Everywhere I Haven't Been Yet"
13. "The Misery Routine"
14. "Look Around" Feat. Oddisee
15. "When I Vanish"
16. "Broken Wand Ceremony"

Mello Music Group
Mello Music Group

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