Steadily rising in Atlanta, London Jae is one of the most consistent new rappers in the game right now. The man is a workaholic and has released four projects and that's in addition to the newest self-titled release from Atlanta supergroup Bankroll Mafia, which he is a part of along with T.I., Young Thug, Shad da God and Duke. London is also a legit singer who has a great range in his voice. He's signed to B.o.B's No Genre label and has been heavily cosigned by Tip. What has it been working with two of Atlanta's most accredited artists?

"It’s challenging more than anything because they are going to push," Jae told XXL while visiting the office in New York. "B.o.B, I ain’t never seen no shit like this, he’ll come out the booth with a guitar, flute, anything. He’ll play anything. Now I’m accustomed to it but I used to look at it like, What the fuck? This nigga knows how to play everything. B.o.B is a genius. With Tip it’s just his ability to stay Tip with all the shit he has going on. He’s just still Tip."

London Jae's catalog is pretty stacked for someone so new to the scene. From his 2015 debut tape, Better L8TE Than Never, featuring the strong single "Juice" to his new mixtape, Pain Killers, which dropped last week, It's not going to be long before the world picks up on his talents. Get familiar.

Name: London Jae

Age: 28

Reppin: Atlanta

I grew up listening to:
 "Cam’ron and 2Pac, it was just something about them. I felt like they was me. [I started making music] probably around 2011. Just seeing how music kind of changed people life around me. I come from the ghetto. Me seeing what music can do, he go from this one day to that the next day. It kind of inspired you. The same way you grow up and watch drug dealers and say, 'Damn they got that, I can get that if I sell that,' you see what I’m saying? It was the same with music.

"When I was like 10 I realized I can sing but I actually didn’t try in the studio till like 2010. I waited forever for it, I wasn’t going to do it. It was a weird feeling. It was as bad as I thought. Ain’t nobody paying me no attention, ain’t nobody grading me on how good or bad I’m singing, they just want me to sing. So I kind of stuck with after that. I wanted to after that."

My style has been compared to:
"I don’t want to say different but it kind of is. I don’t think I sound like nobody. But at the same time I think I embody a lot of qualities of other artists may have like the ability to ride a beat or grab your attention with wordplay."

Something people don’t know about me:
 "That I can sing. I guess when people see me they automatically think, I guess he’s a trap artist. He’s going to do the trap beats. But when I come out the booth they staring like, Is somebody else in there? It happens every time if I’m working with somebody new or if I’m working with someone that doesn’t know me coming in."

Standout record or moment to date:
 "Meeting Tip [T.I.] and B.o.B, they made me think different about rappers and artists. Like I used to always think, [rappers] are Hollywood as fuck. Like if I ain’t know them and didn’t know no better I wouldn’t even think they are rich. They just humble. They just be chillin’. That was like the coolest moment, to realize everybody ain’t on no bullshit."

My goal in hip-hop is: "I don’t really care to be super famous but whoever knows me, figured me out or discover me; I want them to know I was always authentic. Like he was real from the go. I ain’t plastic. I’m not going to change. I’m going to be the same when you meet me and when I walk out."

I’m the next: "Superhero. When I think about life I think about where I’m from more than anything and I know with me growing as an artist, it makes them proud more than me myself, with my family and just the people around me. I want to be a superhero to people."

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