Lloyd's Tru EP drops tomorrow (Dec. 9) but ahead of its release comes "Holding" a track that pairs the singer back with Lil Wayne for the first time since 2008's "Girls Around the World." Their 2006 hit "You" is Lloyd's most successful song to date, peaking at No. 9 on the Hot 100 while topping the Hip-Hop/R&B charts.

Listen to "Holding" up above, with track joining Lloyd's "Tru (Remix)" featuring 2 Chainz as pre-release singles. Tru is available to pre-order through iTunes and additionally features Rick Ross on the song "Heavenly Body."

“‘TRU’ is about being a fighter. It’s about speaking truthfully and honestly on your life and not shying away from your imperfections,” he told BET in August. “It’s really about embracing the idea that there’s never failure. There is only lessons to be learned and character to be built. I wanted to shed light on that and I wanted to go towards that light and not run away from it.”

While the singer has kept a low profile in recent years, his last album 2011's King of Hearts, his last release a mixtape, The Playboy Diaries, in 2012, he leant some vocals back in September to Bizzy Crook's "If You Only Knew." In previous years, he's been featured alongside Childish Gambino and Curren$y, but Tru marks an official return.

Back in October, Lloyd announced that a new album is forthcoming as well, tweeting, "My new album will be titled #OutMyWindow and i am almost ready to release it," with Tru the precursor.

Lloyd's Tru tracklist
1. "Tru"
2. "Heavenly Body" Feat. Rick Ross
3. "Holding" Feat. Lil Wayne
4. "Excited"
5. "Tru (Remix)" Feat. 2 Chainz

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