In the mid/late 1990s, actress Maia Campbell starred alongside rap legend LL Cool J in the hit TV series In The House. Very recently, a viral video of her looking strung out in the streets of Stone Mountain, Ga. has spread across the internet. Now, LL's taken steps to find the troubled actress, using his social media accounts to do so.

For obvious reasons, LL, who's now been in the rap game for 30 years, is disheartened by the way things have turned out for his former co-star. After posting an image of Campbell, along with instructions to contact him if you've seen her, LL used his Twitter account to condemn people supporting the video instead of getting help for Campbell.

"Instead of pulling out your phone and filming someone who's obviously having trouble. Maybe lend a helping hand? A kind word? @MaiaCampbell," LL wrote on Twitter Sunday (July 9).

There doesn't appear to be any definite confirmation that LL's reached his goal, but he did upload an image of the words "Thank you" to his Instagram post yesterday. We hope that means he's found Campbell safe and sound.

Check out the troubling video of Campbell and all of LL's social media posts below.

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