After making headlines with their contentious collaboration, LL Cool J and Brad Paisley speak on the controversy surrounding "Accidental Racist."

In a recent interview with ABC News, the country/hip-hop speak on their single together. Paisley explained that the song wasn't meant to downplay the issue of racism in America, but rather bring up some of the difficult questions surrounding it.

"I'm not really sure we're going to find any answers but it was the idea that we were asking the question," said Paisley. "Let's not be victims of things that happened so long ago. In the end, I felt like what we had on tape was something that people needed to hear."

LL also spoke on his verse, which many critics claimed advised listeners to "forget slavery." The Queens MC said that was not his intention with his feature; rather, he hoped to convey Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.'s message of racial unity and leave behind the bitterness of racism.

"Martin Luther King says that darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can," he said. "Hate can't drive out hate, only love can. So what we're talking about is compassion...I'm not advising anyone to truly forget slavery, but what I'm saying is forget the slavery mentality. Forget the bitterness. Don't get bitter, get better."

Check out the full interview over at Yahoo.

[via Yahoo!]

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