Lil Yachty has the attention of the youth right now and if the "1 Night" video is any indication, the youth is in a very strange space.

Strapped with a green screen, his friends and plenty of props, Yachty hits viewers with sensory overload as the video has images of everything from the young rapper's participation at Kanye West's Madison Square Garden fashion show to Jay Z and Beyonce sitting courtside at a basketball game. True to his name, the Quality Control rapper does floss on a yacht with multiple girls as he raps about not wanting a wife.

XXL spoke to Lil Boat for "The Break" and the rapper credited "1 Night" for helping him blow up. "I made ['1 Night'] last year, last summer. I don’t know if it been out but I been made it. It just popped off," he said. "This kid made like a parody video online and that shit just popped off. It’s crazy because when he first posted it I didn’t think it was going to pop off. He posted it on Tumblr. I need somebody to post the video on Twitter, my photographer did it and it started to take off. A hundred retweets, five hundred retweets, a thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand, hundred thousand, then it started going to other Twitters then Worldstar, then Facebook. A million retweets, a million likes, a million hits, and then Chief Keef posted it, it went everywhere."

Check out his debut project, Lil Boat The Mixtape, below.

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