Doctors have ordered Lil Wayne to take two weeks off following a few seizures in Chicago just a few days ago, but apparently his manager Cortez Bryant has other plans. Speaking with TMZ at LAX airport, Bryant explains that Weezy will likely continue working despite his recent health scare.

"I tell him that all the time but I don't think that's gonna work, man," Bryant tells TMZ after being asked if Weezy will follow his doctor's orders. "He a workaholic. That's what got him to where he is now man. He's just [in] the studio all the time trying to make music, get through this situation and give his fans what they need.

"He's a epileptic, so that's the reality of it. You know, so it's something that we're gonna have to deal with for the rest of his life and, you know, we'll just make sure he's popping meds and try to force him to get some rest, but sometimes he doesn't do that. But it's something that, it's not gonna hinder us and stop us."

Elsewhere in the brief convo, the TMZ reporter asks Bryant how he feels about people's presumption that Weezy's lean-sipping habits play a role in his seizures. Bryant says the seizures are simply a product of his epilepsy and nothing more.

Weezy was released from the hospital a couple of days ago, and his daughter Reginae Carter said he was fine just a day after the incident. Still, that's unlikely to stop Weezy fans from worrying about the rapper, who has an extensive history of seizures.

Watch Bryant's brief interview with TMZ below.

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