Not only is Lil Wayne one of the most prolific rappers of all-time, he's also one of the most knowledgable artists when it comes to sports. On Tuesday (Sept. 6), Fox Sports 1's show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed unleashed its new Weezy-created theme song titled "No Mercy."

The song is about diving right into the discussion and not holding back any opinions. The New Orleans MC spits, "No mercy, no mercy, no mercy/Let's go face to face, I embrace debate/I don't make mistakes, I just make my case/Drops mic when I'm done, what more can I say?"

Lil Wayne's connection to Skip Bayless dates back to the sports personality's time at ESPN. Wayne made quite a few appearances on the morning show First Take which regularly featured Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debating various sports topics.

"Lil Wayne has been a friend and frequent guest on my show," Bayless said of having the New Orleans rappers involved in his new FS1 show. "And I’ve told him how honored I am to have such a legend create such a great song for our new show."

Weezy may love to watch ESPN, but he's clearly got a lot of respect for Skip Bayless. The "A Milli" rhymer followed the controversial commentator over to rival network Fox Sports 1 to craft this new theme.

“I like the fact that he’s super intelligent,” Wayne said of Bayless. “He probably came up with the term ‘debate’ and he can debate his ass off."

A complete version of "No Mercy" is slated for release later this month. You can listen to the song above via YouTube.

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