Lil Wayne caused a lot of controversy when he claimed he never dealt with racism back in September. But instead of walking back those comments, Weezy is doubling down on the sentiment. In an interview with the Associated Press, the New Orleans native reiterated his position that he never experienced racism.

"It's the world out there. It's not a certain part or a certain kind or a certain culture or whatever of people, it's people - those people out there in that crowd," he told the AP. "I'm blessed to have that opportunity, so with that said I can only be honest with such a thing, I have never witnessed racism."

Lil Wayne elaborated on his viewpoint by stating that a white police officer saved his life. The "Fireman" rapper recounted the infamous incident when a 12-year-old Weezy accidentally shot himself in the chest.

"Yeah, he was a cop, and my life was saved by a white man," Wayne said. "I don't know what racism is. I know a good (expletive) named Uncle Bob, though. He was white as snow. Them (expletive) that hopped over me were blacker than me."

The Young Money boss said "Uncle Bob" rushed an injured Lil Wayne to the hospital and stayed there until he heard Weezy would be alright.

"[He] stood there and waited until the doctor said 'He's gonna make it," Wayne remembered.

This one impactful moment has shaped Lil Wayne's entire view on racism. While he may not have dealt with it personally, he definitely knows it exists.

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