Last night, Aug. 19, Lil Wayne and Drake took over The Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, NY. Not only were the two amped with their hefty rosters full of hits but both YMCMB MCs were also full of jokes. As if the songs weren't enough to get the crowd moving, what some would deem The Dozens game between the two, added just the right element to a show that no one thought could get any better than the music.

Packed from floor to ceiling, Lil Wayne kicked things off only to be accompanied by Drake, who was sporting an OVO "Free Meek Mill" T-Shirt, moments later. Creating a real battle-like atmosphere with a focus on their Street Fighter like app, the mentor and his protege almost instantly started going in with Drake proclaiming that Wayne's career is longer, but his is stronger, after a rendition of "Crew Love." The humorous slight was traded back and forth throughout the show as both rappers swapped time on and off stage.

During the show, Wayne ran through his lengthy catalog of classics dating all the way back to the Tha Carter. Weezy performed non-stop hit after hit including everything from "Ms. Officer" to "Every Girl" to "Lollipop" and even "How To Love." However, Drake, whom obviously helms a way shorter career than Wayne, did prove to be a tough competitor. No only did he swing above the crowd hanging on to a pole, but he also served up his more recent hits like "Marvin's Room," "Worst Behavior," and "Started From The Bottom."

The best part of the show, however, was when both Wayne and Drake returned to the stage to perform their collaborative hits. Pulling out timeless tracks like "I'm On One," "No New Friends," and "The Motto"; the duo quickly reminded everyone that although they are strong apart, together they are unstoppable.

Drake ultimately won the battle that seemed more like a draw. The show wrapped with Wayne's newest Drake assisted hit "Believe Me" before closing with Drizzy's Take Care classic "HYFR." "We ain't shit without y'all," Wayne told the crowd before exiting the stage.