Less than a day removed from dropping Luv Is Rage 2, Lil Uzi Vert's got his sights set on a whole new genre all together. "I'ma come out with a rock band," Uzi says, speaking with Beats 1 Radio's Zane Lowe in a new interview.

During the talk, Uzi says he's in a great creative zone following the release of his newest project. "Everything right now is all about being effortless," Uzi explains. "I'm in the mode right now."

A few moments later, Lowe asks if Uzi plans to take a freestyle approach to his rock album. Uzi says he hasn't written in a while. "I don't write, I just go in there," he explains while also saying he'll continue to leave actual "writing" behind with his newer work.

"It's kinda hard for it to be bad," he continues. "I don't even be looking at my songs like they're good or bad. Remember, they're my children. So when I put 'em out, someone accepts them."

Later in the conversation, Uzi describes his music as being "unidentified" like a UFO before going on to reveal he and Pharrell made "a lot of stuff" during sessions for Luv Is Rage 2. "He's like the best person on Earth," Uzi says about Pharrell, whose podcast he appeared on a while back. "He's like the type of person that, like, somebody that has way more clout than him will still look at him like the biggest person ever. He's the GOAT."

Uzi, who's a longtime Marilyn Manson fan, touches on the possibility of doing a collab with the rocker. "I hate him, he's annoying," Uzi says, jokingly. "[Manson's new music is] beautiful. But, you know, we don't talk about music though. We just be, like, turnt up. But, you know, turnt up in a professional, unguided way."

Check out previews of the interview below. Listen to the entire thing on Apple Music.

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