If you're a rapper rising to stardom, the pull of a Nardwuar interview is basically inescapable. For "Yamborgini Dream" rapper Lil Uzi Vert, his time has come. Nardwuar dug up plenty of dirt on the North Philly rapper, from his school days in music class to his style inspiration to throwback pics of his girlfriend Brittany. Turns out that before he was stage diving and head banging, back in his middle school days Uzi was a mean trumpet player.

"I played the coronet first and then I upgraded to the trumpet. First song I learned on there was 'Hot Cross Buns,'" he tells Nardwuar.

Though it's well known that Uzi gets his rager style from rockers like Marilyn Manson and GG Allin, the 21-year-old rapper explained just how early his obsession started.

"Listen here, at age 27 I will leave this Earth for this man right here. He's the pale Emperor," said Uzi when Nardwuar presented him with a poster of Marilyn Manson. "I saw Marilyn Manson. He had like the platinum grills and that's when I got my first ones. And honestly, I didn't even buy them. My grandma bought those. I paid her back right away though."

As the 12-minute interview goes on, plenty of gems get dropped that Uzi is hilariously weirded out by. "You're weird, man," said Uzi mid-interview, astonished by the amount of obscure facts Nardwuar knows. But of course, the Vancouver interviewer is used to that response by now. Nardwuar has made his name and Internet fame from interviewing rap stars about the most minute facts he can find about them. So far at SXSW 2016, "The Human Serviette" has chopped it up with, and throughly weirded out, everyone from DJ Khaled and Tory Lanez to Anderson .Paak and Kehlani. Check out Uzi and Nardwuar's odd encounter above.

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