Lil Uzi Vert is having one hell of year. The 2016 XXL Freshman has released nothing but fire since he debuted, which was proven again two days ago when his single “XO Tour Llif3″ was certified three times platinum. On top of that, his long-awaited Luv Is Rage 2 project is slated to drop before the year's end. But he might have courted another win with a certain model.

Uzi celebrated his birthday yesterday (Aug. 31), and though he didn't celebrate it publicly, model Brittany Renner took to Snapchat to show him a surprising amount of love, seeing that the two have never been photographed together before. In the photo, the Philly rapper and Renner are seen embracing one another with a little bit of tongue action on Uzi's part. His rumored beau wrote, "Happy Birthday @liluzivert." Though it may seem they have formed a union of some sort, neither of them have confirmed nor denied the relationship, ignoring their mentions from fans who question what exactly the two's status is. Peep the snap in question below.

While we mull over Lil Uzi Vert's recent escapades, the rapper is currently in the studio completing his impending album, which producer Maaly Raw claims is 90% done. Last week, the man behind a majority of the production on Luv Is Rage 2 spoke with XXL and told us what the two have been cooking up in recent months. “It’s basically done. I guess we’re just working on extra songs trying to really perfect it,” Maaly explained. As for the project's vibe, he tell us, “Everything [Uzi] been doing, he just elevated it, that’s all. Different sounds—the way I’m comin’ on it, I’m comin’ different. Some of the stuff on [Luv Is Rage 2], people not expecting from me, so that’s gonna be exciting when you hear it.”

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