Lil Snupe's life was tragically ended three years ago, but his music has helped keep his name alive in the minds of fans. The latest move in keeping Snupe's legacy alive is taking the focus back to his 2015 posthumous album R.N.I.C. 2 Jonesboro. The deceased rapper's team spotlighted the track "Comeback Freestyle" with a new music video for the song.

The video kicks off with Lil Snupe's father speaking to him over the phone. The visuals transition into footage of Snupe in his daily life, recording in the studio and performing on-stage for a massive crowd. Both the video and Snupe's bars highlight the tragedy of losing a young artist who had potential to make a mark in the rap game.

"N---a fuck all the haters, I'm out here getting paper/Couple deals on the table, I'm conversating with majors/I just got in the game, but I'm balling hard like a Laker/And these old n---as made cause they played out like a Sega/I was just a beginner, ain't have shit for dinner/But now I'm traveling different cities in a sprinter/Rapping just what I live and these other n---as prentenders/C'mon and fuck with Snupe, his is a life of a sinner," Lil Snupe raps.

While it might seem like someone so young as Lil Snupe -- who was 18 at the time of his death -- would not have a lot of material in the vaults, there are plans for a new project titled R.N.I.C. 3 - The Salute Album. That record is tentatively scheduled to drop this summer.

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