Lil Pump's Nottingham, U.K. concert took an unexpected turn for disaster when multiple smoke flares were let off in the venue earlier today (Nov. 16).

According to TMZ, the "Arms Around You" rapper was performing when someone in the audience—or inside the building—let off what police say were smoke flares. In the minutes following the unexpected attack, fans began evacuating the building. Pump was among those to evacuate, but unfortunately, based on video obtained by the celebrity news site, he was at least in part affected by the gas.

In the aforementioned video, we can see the 2018 XXL Freshman being carried by what's presumably a member of his team. He looks slumped for a second, but he managed to finish off his performance on top of the tour bus.

Some time after the show, Pump uploaded a video onto social media and addressed the incident. "Some dumbass threw a smoke bomb in the show, fucked up the whole show," he says before someone else in the room with him says it was actually three smoke bombs. "Ya'll threw three! Whoever the fuck threw that, y'all almost made me faint in the middle of the show, bitch."

Check out video from this incident for yourself just below. Watch his new video for "Arms Around You" when you're done.

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