Just one day after going viral for roasting a hotel employee for kicking him out of his room, Lil Pump's back in the headlines. This time it's for chucking his microphone at a fan who was doing way too much.

In a video from the concert, which took place in Wallingford, Conn. on Monday night (Dec. 11), we see Pump shouting down into the crowd after one fan allegedly threw something onstage.

"Come up here and do that shit, pussy," Pump says in the clip. A moment later, the "Gucci Gang" rapper hurls his mic at what was presumably an unruly fan. Appropriately enough, 21 Savage's "All the Smoke" plays just seconds after Pump leaves the stage.

While there isn't too much context in the video itself, Pump offered up details about what led up to the mic-throwing on Instagram Live.

"If you was at that Connecticut show...shit ended ’cause some stupid ass nigga thought he was funny and he threw some shit onstage and he got his ass socked," said Pump, who apparently scored a $345,000 advance for a record deal. "Bitch, don't you ever try to do no stupid shit while I'm performing you fuckin' dumbass. Of course you gon' get your stupid ass socked—fuckin' goofy. I'm sorry to everybody...the show got shut down or whatever. I'll make it up to y'all. I love y'all."

Check out videos of Pump throwing the mic and explaining why his show was canceled below. Check out his "Gucci Gang" video when you're done with that.

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