Lil Pump has taken his lean usage to a whole new level. Now he's playing a game called lean pong.

The South Florida rapper recently posted a video to his Instagram story where he sets the stage for the new game. In the video, someone pours what appears to be a lean and soda mixture into red plastic cups. "Listen up, y'all. 2018 we playing lean pong," Pump explains. "Poured up a whole four in a jar. Gotta fill up all the cups. 2018 lean pong. Esketit!"

This is clearly derived from the pastime beer pong. For those unfamiliar with the rules of the game, the objective is to try to bounce a ping pong ball off a table into your opponent's cup of beer. If the balls lands in the cup, the opponent must drink the contents. It's popular at frat parties and tailgates, but we've never seen it played like this.

A few days ago, Pump announced he is quitting Xanax for the new year, but clearly lean was not on the list of things to give up for 2018.

While Pump is still heavy in his use and promotion of the oil, other rappers are smartening up. Mozzy recently denounced purple drank in an Instagram video. "Any young nigga doing that shit, bruh, you understand me, this should influence you to stop," Mozzy said in the video, while pouring a whole bottle of syrup out on the ground. "If it don't...nigga drink a lot of water at the minimum. They say health is wealth—I need my bag."

Wiz Khalifa also recently called the drug lame.

Check out the video of Pump setting up a game of lean pong below.

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