Lil Pump's scheduled show Nottingham, U.K. didn't go quite as planned, after someone ruined the show by letting off smoke flares in the venue. But the South Florida rapper made the most out of a bad situation, still giving the fans what they came to see by performing on top of his tour bus after things went left.

Footage of the impromptu set shows the rapper and a cameraman atop the bus. He is surrounded by fans who have all made their way out of the venue to see the spectacle going on outside. In the clip, Jetski performs his Kanye West duet "I Love It." He carefully sways back and forth as the mob belts out the chorus while holding up camera phones to capture the moment.

As previously reported, the show ended abruptly when someone let off multiple smoke flares in the building, causing the place to be evacuated. Video of the hectic scene shows the 2018 XXL Freshman looking visibly affected by the smog while being carted off by a member of his crew. "Some dumbass threw a smoke bomb in the show, fucked up the whole show," Pump later told fans on social media. "Ya'll threw three! Whoever the fuck threw that, y'all almost made me faint in the middle of the show, bitch."

It appears things turned out okay in the end.

Check out video of Lil Pump performing "I Love It" on top of his tour bus below.

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