Lil Pump is a free man, and it looks like he's pretty confident he'll remain that way.

On Wednesday (Feb. 14), the 17-year-old Florida rapper was arrested in his San Fernando Valley, Calif. home after firing his gun from inside of his home. Although his manager told police people were trying to break into Pump's spot and that the gunshot was fired from the outside, authorities apparently found evidence Pump actually fired a weapon and was the source of the bullet hole.

Because the rapper is still only a minor, he was held in Sylmar Juvenile Hall in Sylmar, Calif. instead of a jail cell. According to the folks at TMZ, he was released from the center on Thursday (Feb. 15), and he was nothing but positive vibes as he walked out of the building.

"Hey man, we got rich lawyers," Pump told a reporter. "We got real lawyers—the best lawyers on the planet. Esketit!"

Moments later, Pump flashed his new ankle monitor to the field reporter before turning in a modified version of his "Gucci Gang" lyrics. "Ayy listen. See my ankle? House arrest, house arrest, house arrest, house arrest. Popped two Xans and I passed the test, 'Gucci Gang' tatted on my fuckin' chest," he spits to the camera man. Like we said, it feels like he's in good spirits.

Check out video of Lil Pump leaving the juvenile detention center below. Check out a snippet of Pump's unreleased, self-produced banger when you're done with that.

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