Lil Pump's latest single "Racks on Racks" has come under fire from an English musician who claims his music was sampled on the South Florida rapper's track without his permission.

Pump's newest song release came out on Thursday (Jan. 31) and looks to be the latest single off his new album Harverd Dropout. The following day, musician Geoff Barrow claimed the "Esskeetit" rapper had ripped off one of his duo's songs, an instrumental track called "The Alien" that the duo recorded for the Annihilation soundtrack.

"Who is lill Pump?" Barrow tweeted along with a link to the song. "He’s used Mine and @Benjaminsal Annihilation score in his deeply fucking sexist song. Just so you know we didn’t give clearance.. As 2 fathers of daughters this shit needs to seriously fuck off."

On Saturday (Feb. 2), Geoff opened up more about being upset over his music being used without permission on the "sexist" track.

"We don't expect any royalties and copyright infringement is not our issue," he said in a statement to Pitchfork. "We want people to know that in no way have we granted the use of our music to be used on a track that is so terribly degrading to young woman. As fathers and firm supporters of the #MeToo movement, we are amazed how tracks like this are not called out by the media for this reason. I know people will try and call us out as old fuckers and the music ain’t for us and they would be right but misogamy is still bullshitt whatever age you are."

After multiple pump fakes, Pump's new album is set to be released on Feb. 22.

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