Lil' Kim is gearing up for a major return into the music scene, and she's kicking things off with a set of visuals for her new track "Took Us a Break." The new music video comes in a black and white filter, featuring the award-winning female MC flexing with her crew while spitting some heavy bars.

The new song already has a modern flair to it, along with some signature styles from Kim, but most importantly, the video incorporates her iconic squat pose to ready viewers for her return. She later surrounds herself with members of her elite entourage as well.

"I was raised in the school of hard knocks," she rhymes. "These bitches is class clowns. Giving y'all my old clothes. My old flows, like hand-me-downs."

"Took Us a Break" is reportedly a warm-up release from the Hardcore veteran before her official single drops in January 2018. She is also slated to unveil some more material, including her feature on Remy Ma's upcoming single "Wake Me Up," which was previously rumored to be a Nicki Minaj diss track. Last week, Kim confirmed that she's not taking shots at the Queens rapper on the track.

Watch the official black and white music video for Lil' Kim's "Took Us a Break" record below.

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