Lil Durk's new track, "1 (773) Vulture," a dark remix of Logic's hit song, “1-800-273-8255,” has a lot of people talking, but all the talk isn't good. The Chicago rapper flipped Lo's suicide prevention track into a brash record about people getting shot over beef, and now he is saying he meant no disrespect with the remix.

In Logic's version, he speaks for a person who is at their wit's end and on the brink of taking their own life. "I've been on the low/I been taking my time/I feel like I'm out of my mind/It feel like my life ain't mine/I don't wanna be alive/I don't wanna be alive/I just wanna die today," he raps on the chorus.

Durk chooses a more gully option. "Why the opposition calling my line?/Telling me come outside/I would, but I know they lying," Durk croons on the chorus of his song. "My mama had a dream about me dying/I told her that I hope she lying/It's gon' be a homicide/It's gon' be a homicide/Fuck with Durk and they dying today."

Big difference. Now, the OTF rapper is saying it was not his intention to be insensitive to people who are dealing with or have been affected by suicide. "No disrespect to the suicide people i was talking to the trenches #1773vulture," he wrote on Twitter.

The controversial song could end up on Durk's upcoming mixtape, Signed to the Streets 3, as well as one or more collabs with PartyNextDoor that have been teased for a while now, he confirmed in a follow-up tweet.

See what Durk had to say about his remix of Logic's “1-800-273-8255” below.

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