With his endless stream of anthemic bangers, dope sense of style and narrative as a tortured creative, Future, who's in the midst of his Nobody Safe tour, is very likely a walking legend. But there are some comparisons rap fans will never be at ease with, and those involving the late, great 2Pac definitely fall under that category.

If Lil Durk didn't know that before, he does now after Twitter went in on him for comparing Hendrix to Makaveli this past weekend. As is the case on Twitter, nobody held back.

" you the Modern day for the world," Durk wrote shortly before users came for him.

"Lil Durk said Future is the new Tupac!? I'm logging off.✌🏽," wrote one Twitter user, completely shrugging off the idea that Durk made a legitimate comparison. Another user saw Durk's comparison as another sign "new" rappers don't know what they're talking about, writing, "Lil durk really tweeted future is the modern day Tupac I honestly think these new rappers say dumb shit cause they flopped & need attention."

While Future's definitely a huge star, it's clear people aren't having this comparison, and as you can see, Twitter simply wouldn't let Durk live after comparing Hendrix to 'Pac. See more tweets directed at Durk in our gallery below.

Twitter Goes in On Lil Durk for Calling Future the Modern 2Pac

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