Yesterday it was reported that Lil Boosie, the Baton Rouge rapper who has been in prison since 2009 on drug charges, will be free this August. Today, his brother has told the Times-Picayune in New Orleans that that date is not accurate.

According to the paper, Boosie's brother Taquari Hatch said that due to the slow paperwork process at the Louisiana Department of Safety and Corrections, the date on file is not accurate or updated. Due to various programs Boosie has participated in while locked up, his release date will actually come six months sooner, on February 16. His brother, who is also his manager, said a substance abuse class that Boosie took moved his release date to May 16, and that with two more classes about to be completed the date will move again to February.

On the music side, Boosie has apparently written 600 songs in the past four years he's been locked up. He plans to head to the studio to get working on an album immediately, with a tour set up for late Spring. He also plans to set up a foundation to support the children of victims of homicide. Boosie himself was acquitted of murder in 2012.

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