Bad news for Lil Boosie. The Louisiana rapper, real name Torrance Hatch, was indicted by an East Baston Rouge Parish grand jury on a first degree murder charge yesterday (June 17).

According to local Louisiana news network, WAFB, Boosie is being accused of being one of three killers in the shooting death of Terry Boyd. Michael Lounding and Adrian Pittman are the other two men named in the case.

Boosie was also indicted on several drug charges on Thursday. He faces three counts of possession with intent to distribute codeine, ecstacy and marijuana, three counts of conspiracy to commit possession with intent to distribute narcotics, and two counts of conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal institution.

As previously reported, Hatch is currently serving two years in jail after copping a plea deal in September 2009 for a 2008 drugs and weapons charge. The Asylum rapper was arrested in Baton Rogue on October 22, 2008 after authorities’ smelled marijuana coming from his car. Upon searching his vehicle, they found a firearm along with a bag of marijuana.

He was sent to jail early for violating terms of his probation and given an extended sentence of two years. Now he will face these additional murder charges from behind bars and East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore says that the death penalty is not out of the question. —Brooklyne Gipson