Lil Bibby isn't exactly proud of his fellow Chicagoan Kanye West. That's a point that became pretty clear when the former XXL Freshman tweeted out one Yeezy-focused message earlier this morning (Oct. 5).

In the post, Bibby calls for the increasingly controversial Kanye, who's been on what feels like an interminable, self-contained press run for the last several months, to be Black again. "Make Kanye black again," Bibby tweeted earlier.

Now, Bibby didn't elaborate on the tweet, but he really doesn't need to. If you've followed the saga of Yeezy, you already know the deal.

After leaving his mark with a mix of inventive musicality, heartfelt lyrics and, at least occasionally, some ostensibly progressive tunes, Kanye has been the subject of a ton of scrutiny over the last few years. Two years ago, he had to enter a hospital after he suffered what was called a mental breakdown. When he emerged, he met with President Donald Trump and made known his support for the polarizing Commander in Chief.

Since that time, Kanye's only been doubling down on his Trump support, as fans and everyone else can see when he rocks Trump's famous Make America Great Again hat. While many call the hat a symbol of hate, 'Ye sees it differently. Speaking on his hat, which 'Ye says some Saturday Night Live staff didn't want him to rock onstage, Kanye offered up some insight into the way he sees the headware.

"They bully me. They bullied me backstage. They told me don't go out there with that [Maga hat] on. They bullied me," Kanye said in a post-performance rant on SNL. "And they say I'm in the sunken place. You wanna see the sunken place? OK, I'ma listen to y'all now. I almost put my Super Man cape on, cause this means you can't tell me what to do. Follow your heart and stop following your mind."

Check out Bibby's tweet for yourself below.

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