Lil Baby season is here. Today (May 8), the rapper unloads his brand new visual for "Southside," a cut from his forthcoming Harder Than Ever project.

The video, which is directed by Edgar Esteves, takes place right on the block, presumably somewhere in Lil Baby's Atlanta stomping grounds. There's dancing, money-flashing and plenty of flexing on a sunny spring day.

Appropriately enough, the new cut is produced by none other than Southside, who laces Lil Baby with a speaker-thumping instrumental that carries Lil Baby's street-oriented bars. "Fuck it up in the Gucci store, them M's in/Bad bitch lookin' like Bernice, I call her Slim Jim/I just want push start on my car/Shoutout the hood, they know I'm a god/They know we bang wherever we are," he spits on the hard-hitting beat.

The new video comes just a day or so after a snippet of Lil Baby's unnamed Drake-assisted track began making rounds on the internet. It's unclear where, exactly, the track will land, but it's definitely safe to say it slaps—just like the song this new video was made for.

From jail cells to collaborations with Drizzy, Lil Baby's come a long way. Speaking with XXL for The Break, Lil Baby said his style hadn't been compared to others.

“No one has compared me to anyone yet," Lil Baby said at the time. "Everyone has said I got my own sound. I can’t really describe my sound. A lot of songs I’m kind of singing and rapping."

Watch Lil Baby's new video for "Southside" below.

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