So it looks like Kevin Gates is a big Lil Baby fan. Lil Baby himself reported as much after he apparently spoke to Gates following his release from Illinois' East Moline Correctional Center on Wednesday (Jan. 10).

Uploading a message to an Instagram story, Lil Baby revealed that he'd long been a Gates fan himself. "I talked to @iamkevingates today an this nigga knew the words to my songs word from word! !" Lil Baby began. "That shit really meant a lot because I really got through my prison bid listening to that nigga." Pretty crazy stuff.

If you've been following Lil Baby, you might remember that he spent over two years in prison after being arrested for selling drugs back in 2014. Now, we also know he was bumping Gates heavy when he was still behind bars—and Gates is apparently a fan of his, as well.

Gates had just completed nine months of a 30-month sentence for felony gun possession when he was released from prison this past Wednesday. He had served six months in prison from October 2016 to March 24, 2017 for kicking a female fan in the chest during one of his concerts, but was held behind bars due to an out of state warrant from Illinois. That one was for a felony gun possession charge he caught back in 2013.

On April 26, 2017, Gates was sentenced to 30 months in East Moline Correctional Center, but only ended up serving nine of them. Now he's free to make as much music as he wants—and maybe he'll even make some with Lil Baby.

Check out Lil Baby's Instagram recap of his convo with Gates below.

Lilbaby_1 via Instagram
Lilbaby_1 via Instagram

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