Lil B might be a Based God, but he's a merciful one. It's with that spirit he's offered James Harden the chance to have the Based God's Curse lifted off of the Houston Rockets player following their stunning 39-point loss to the San Antonio Spurs last night (May 11).

"I apologize to James harden I'm ready to talk and end the curse... it's time to talk and be the leader everyone believes you are," the Based God wrote on Twitter shortly after Houston's devastating loss. During the game, which was the sixth of the Western Conference Semifinals in the NBA Playoffs, Harden shot an abysmal 2/11 from the field on his way to 10 points, 7 assists and 6 turnovers.

Based on the final portion of his tweet, Lil B believes Harden's ability to humble himself by talking with him is also a matter of character for the Rockets superstar.

Lil B, who recently completed his Black Ken mixtape, first issued his curse on Harden in May 2015, when Harden broke out his trademark "stir the pot" celebration, which looked strikingly familiar to Lil B's cooking dance.

Since then, Lil B has taken credit for all of Harden's playoff missteps. Based on his most recent Harden-directed tweet, he's still doing that, but at least he's ready to make amends.

Peep Lil B's hilarious tweet for yourself just below.

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