Lil B is venturing into the world of visual art, as the rapper hosted his first-ever art show in his home city of Berkeley, Calif. this past Saturday (May 5). The Black Ken entertainer invited fans to attend his show at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive and not only admire the walls of photography, but allow them to take the pieces home.

The amphitheater featured different prints on the walls and throughout the venue, which included photos of nature, clouds, architecture, as well as girls and models that he has come across.

During his speech to the crowd, Lil B spoke on why he decided to hold an art show to cater to his photography passion, rather than simply sell his prints. He says that it was something that he has always wanted to do, and first thought about selling them before deciding that holding an art show in his home city was the best way to give them away.

The BasedGod, who was recently featured in XXL's Spring 2018 issue, decided to let people take the artwork home in hopes that the pieces will provide some inspiration for people to be creative and want to indulge in their own creativity. He even had copies of XXL's Spring 2018 issue on tables throughout the museum.

During his interaction with the crowd, the rapper also discusses mental health and how he has been able to connect some psychological dots within his past that have helped him become more positive towards people around him.

Aside from embracing the BasedGod's visual art, fans currently awaiting Lil B's Platinum Flame project, which he says will be coming soon. So far, there's no official release date.

See some of the photos from Lil B's art show and fans' experiences below.

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