Anything's possible kids. Lil B continues his mission to drop his worldly Based knowledge at colleges and universities throughout the nation. Last night, the polarizing Bay Area MC was the guest lecturer Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A shirtless and sagging Based God gave a rousing speech to the engaged crowd that covered everything from art, the workforce, GMOs, photosynthesis and Based God's Curse. Check out video of B explaining the curse's status, above.

Lil B might have a second calling. In 2012, he lectured at NYU, where he spoke about running for president, relationships, racial politics, and health among other things. Last year Lil B was on a college lecture tour, stopping at UC Riverside to speak about love, respect and selling out his guest lecture at Virginia Tech in 20 minutes.

Check out the full transcript of his MIT speech and Q&A, HERE.

[via Complex]