Lil B went on a little Twitter rant yesterday (Oct. 6), calling out Post Malone in the process.

The Based God started off jabbing the "Rockstar" rapper with apparently no motive. "Post Malone is slowly turning into a white dude! Lol he’s pushing, it give it a few years he gon be full country and hate blacks lol," he wrote.

"Only person who was white and seemed to keep it real to everyone is Eminem !!!! He a older white dude now but he legit ! Love u," he added. "Even Miley Cyrus was like fuck this black peole shit I’m tapping in with my white country family! Started crying about rap lol."

After getting wind of Lil B's tweets, Post dismissed the posts as the work of a hacker. "This is not lil b nerd. Die," he responded. After making it clear that it was indeed Lil B behind the Twitter fingers, the California rapper continued to go off in a series of since-deleted tweets. "This is Lil B and fuck post Malone u ain’t hip hop bitch u don’t even rap keep sucking platinum rich dick fake ass Rick Rubin," he wrote. "Post Malone just mad cuz I no he make country western music not hip hop it’s ok brother! We support u anyway!!! U platinum! Good job...French toast Post Malone makes fake hip hop country music in his booty shorts in his mansion barefoot with giblet feet ... ewwww," he added.

After pulling down the most vile quips, the "Young Ni***z" MC left with this: "I said a harmless joke about my brother post Malone about leaving hip hop to go country and he told me to go die smh love him still - Lil B."

Can't we all just get along?

See the Based God's still standing tweets below.

See Lil B Call Out Post Malone

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