Last week, Reebok continued its 20-year celebration of Allen Iverson's iconic Question Mid sneaker by unveiling the new Question Mid Entertainers Basketball Classic and the Question Mid A5 with the help of rappers Cam'ron and Jadakiss in addition to producer Jahlil Beats at the historical Rucker Park in New York City.

Reebok's eventful day also included some basketball action as two competing teams took the court debuting the EBC and A5 styles. Killa Cam and Jadakiss witnessed the action from the sidelines, observing New York's finest street ball players put it down on the court while chopping it up with fans at the Rucker. The launch of both campaigns had the Harlem crowd in a frenzy as they enjoyed different activities and installations Reebok put together for the day.

Prior to the game, the Dipset rapper took time from his busy schedule to speak with media outlets about the importance of the Entertainers Basketball Classic, the iconic Rucker Park and the relationship between hip-hop and the American sportswear brand. In the midst of the chaos, XXL caught up with Cam'ron to speak more in-depth about his relationship with Reebok as well as his upcoming project, Killa Season 2, and his next collaborative sneaker with the brand. Check out the interview below.

XXL: Reebok and hip-hop have always gone hand in hand. Why do you think Reebok has had such strong ties to the rap industry?

Cam'ron: Reebok is really dope because they realize hip-hop has a lot of influence on the kids and not just kids, sneakerheads in general, so I appreciate Reebok acknowledging a person like myself and my brother Jadakiss and having us be a part of this dope event and roll out.

You dropped your first collaborative sneaker with Reebok earlier this year. How was it to have your own shoe? And you recently mentioned on Instagram that you were already working on a second collab shoe with Reebok. When should fans expect that shoe to drop?

Yeah, my first Reebok was really dope and it sold out in a matter of 15 minutes -- the Fleeboks 1. The next pair, the Fleeboks 2, will be out this November. It's really dope to have a shoe collaboration of my own. I really appreciate Reebok for just acknowledging me and helping me have my own sneaker. It's really dope and I gotta thank all the supporters as well who copped my first pair of Fleeboks.

The theme of your first shoe was based off the Purple Haze album. What's the theme of your next sneaker release with Reebok?

The theme for this Fleebok 2 will be pink. I have my own color now called Killa Pink and it's a bit too early to talk about the packaging and all that, but just know that it's going to be a pink and camouflage theme.

You mentioned before that you were planning to release your Killa Season 2 album this fall. Is there a release date yet?

The album will be out this November as well as the sneaker and my next pair of Stance socks.

Should we still expect a sequel to Purple Haze?

Probably next year, but that's definitely going to happen, but being that I have all this stuff coming out I figured we gotta drop Killa Season 2.

Two years ago you said you were planning to retire from rap. Of course, we don't want to see that happen, but are you still planning to retire?

Maybe after I do Purple Haze 2. I'm going to do at least two more albums before I retire.

If they were to do a Dipset biopic, who would you want to play yourself? Who would play Juelz and who would play Jim?

I don't know who would play who. For example, in the N.W.A. movie the only person you knew was Ice Cube's son. I never seen none of them other actors before in my life so you would have to do an audition. But honestly, I couldn't even tell you right now.


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