The sudden death of rapper Prodigy has hit his family, friends and the hip-hop community hard with everyone remembering his strong impact on music culture. While tons of his close friends in hip-hop, as well as his fans, have spoken out on his death and honoring his life, LeBron James and Justin Timberlake are joining in mourning his loss.

The NBA superstar shared his personal tribute to the Mobb Deep MC on social media, posting a slew of videos on his Instagram story, bumping some of his classic songs including "Hell On Earth (Front Lines)," "It’s Mine" and "Give Up The Goods (Just Step)." He also wrote about the impact that the iconic rapper had on his love for hip-hop music, speaking on how he listened to him throughout his childhood.

“Mobb Deep vibe all night long!! #RIP Prodigy,” James wrote. “Man I grew up on these boys! Help me get through tough days as a kid," he continued.

Timberlake shared his honoring of the late New York MC on Twitter, writing some tweets about the impact that Prodigy had on the singer to create music. He specifically wrote about Mobb Deep's classic "Shook Ones Pt. II" record, commenting on how the song changed his ear to create his own music.

"As a teenager, I searched for ALL the culture that I could find through MUSIC. I remember the day I heard Mobb Deep for the first time. I had to play catch up with them to know what it really was…SHOOK ONES changed my ear as a new musician and someone that loved rhythm. It made me really appreciate how a vocal could swing in rhythm to a beat the same way. RIP Prodigy. I wish I could have known you," Justin wrote on Twitter.

Check out the tributes that LeBron and Justin paid to Prodigy in the video and gallery below, and peep the list of Prodigy's 20 best guest verses that we put together.

Justin Timberlake Pays Tribute to Prodigy

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