Larry June is always keeping an eye out for the cops. The Bay Area native makes that abundantly clear in the music video for his song "The Scale." June shows off what he's cooking up while spitting some rhymes and staying out of S.W.A.T.'s view.

“Damn it, they done hit the door, it's five in the morning/I'm fresh out the pussy, and a nigga still yawning/Spicolli hit my line said the label tryna sign me/I was whipping up a kick with a bitch name Suzie/On my way to NYC, I just sent my hoe to Boston/All my luggage Louis, I'm a motherfucking baller/When I slide thru the score I keep big .44 with the flash light on it like I'm tryna see something,” June raps.

XXL spoke to June a few months ago, and he revealed his aspirations outside of music. The San Francisco rhymer said rapping was not his life's dream.

“I’m looking to starting my own grocery store called Larry Foods,” he said. “It’s like a whole food store like Trader Joe. I’m trying to do that right now, take the music and capitalize on a few things right now. Rapping was never my dream. [My dream] is a little house by the water and my family is good. Rap can do that. I love making music though.”

Rapping may not be the ultimate passion in June's life, but it's helped him gain a lot of recognition. The West Coast MC gained attention thanks to projects like his self-titled EP and the Orange Season mixtape.

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