La Coka Nostra (LCN), the white rap supergroup that consists of members of House of Pain, Limp Bizkit and Non Phixion, has signed with indie label Suburban Noize Records.

The group, which includes Everlast, DannyBoy, DJ Lethal Ill Bill, Slaine and Big Left, has been building a strong following for years. Their upcoming album, A Brand You Can Trust, will now be coming out on Suburban Noize Records, the indie label headed by Kottonmouth Kings’ frontman Daddy X. LCN will be joining the roster which already includes Jada Pinket Smith and her band Wicked Wisdom, 90s rap favorites X-Clan and Cypress Hil’s Sen Dog.

"It's official! La Coka Nostra has joined forces with Suburban Noize to bring you our debut album, 'A Brand You Can Trust'. We are very excited to be working with Kevin Zinger and the entire Sub Noize family and look forward to finally unleashing the LCN war machine upon the current candy-coated, watered-down and auto tuned-out musical landscape that popular rap music has become," Ill Bill said in a statement.

"This record is a no holds barred burst of hardcore hip-hop to the fullest, representing everything we love about this art form but feel is missing from the game right now,” he continued. “To show you we're not alone in our thinking we're bringing Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Bun B, Psycho Realm, Immortal Technique and The Alchemist along for the ride. We know a lot of ya'll feel the same way we do, so we're using our voice to speak for those that may not have this opportunity. That's why La Coka Nostra is 'A Brand You Can Trust'. Album in stores first quarter 2009!"

LCN will also be heading out on tour starting in February of next year with their new label mates the Kottonmouth Kings. Check Sub Noize’s website for additional details. –Elan Mancini