KXNG Crooked dropped a new album titled Good Vs. Evil, his third project of 2016. The LP sees Crooked donning the persona of a superhero from an alternate reality. In this universe, lower class citizens use violence to fight back against oppression.

"It all started when I was watching a news segment on the murders of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland and all the other black people killed by Police” Crooked said. "I saw Tamir Rice’s mother on TV and the pain in her eyes made my blood pressure boil. No mother should lose a child like that. Then, I watched cops kill unarmed people on film and go home to their families like black lives didn’t matter. No charges and with paid leave. At the same time, I watched officers capture Dylan Roof alive and buy him a hamburger after he slaughtered nine black churchgoers. I thought to myself, are we under attack as black people to the point where I might have to shoot an officer just to survive a mere traffic stop? I thought, how crazy is it that we even have to think about in America (in 2016)?  Then I thought, how ill would it be to have a black superhero (that other black children can look up to; the same way we do Marvel characters) to tackle and these issues."

Eminem, RZA, Tech N9ne, Just Blaze and Xzibit are the notable guests appearing on Crooked's latest work. You can stream the entire LP for free via SoundCloud. A deluxe edition of Good Vs. Evil is also available on iTunes, which features six untitled bonus tracks.

KXNG Crooked's Good Vs. Evil Tracklist

1. "A Just Message (Intro)" Feat. Just Blaze
2. "Welcome to Planet X (We’re Coming for You)" Feat. Eminem and The Observer
3. "Dem People" Feat. Xzibit and SAS
4. "Robocop Went Pop"
5. "Rebel Party" Feat. The Observer
6. "I Want to Kill You" Feat. Astray and The Observer
7. "CrazyPsychoLoco"
8. "Intergalactic Hustling" Feat. Boroc
9. "Revolutionary Funk" Feat. P Funk Pavarotti
10. "Shoot Back (Dear Officer)" Feat. Tech N9ne
11. "Obey (KXNG’S Speech)"
12. "The Oath"
13. "KXNG Tut"
14. "Puppet Master" Feat. RZA, KinG! and The Observer

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