Twenty-six-year-old Berkeley, Calif. rapper Koran Streets comes through with his new video for "Mama House," one of a slew of standout cuts from his debut album You.Know.I.Got.It. The song recalls his old hustling days, and the video takes viewers to exactly where Streets used to make his dough—at his mama's house and on the corner, to be specific.

"In the song I talk about how I used to hustle in front of my mother's house at 15 using the game my older brother and the OGs taught me," Streets told XXL. It just so happens that younger Streets is played by his blood cousin in the above video.

The Bay Area has a rich rap history and a budding young scene, and Streets' music is informed by the sounds of the Bay without being fenced in by them. Take a listen to "Mama House" above. You won't be disappointed.

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