Koran Streets is gearing up for the release of his Late 20s album, but before the rapper drops the project, he shares his latest video for the song "The Preface." The song, which isn't on the final album tracklist, is a teaser of what's to come from the 28-year-old California artist.

Directed by Streets and Luis Montoya, "The Preface" video takes viewers through Koran Streets' life. Throughout the video, Koran finds himself in jail, playing chess with a member of the KKK and even dead in the streets.

"Really me! My story, my struggle, the pain I've endured obstacles and hurdles I’ve overcome," the "Slick Rick" rapper tells XXL of the inspiration for the visual. "Not only in life, but in the music as well. I wanted to show and tell parts of my life most don’t know or only hear about in the music. Everything you see in this video is truth in my life in one way or another."

Up next for Koran, he'll be dropping his Late 20s album on Aug. 10. A follow-up to You Know I Got It, Koran says the album will deal with everything he's been going through since dropping his debut project in 2016.

"Exactly what my life has been like since I put out my debut album in 2016," the "Ima Thug" Koran reveals. "All the struggles, all the trials and tribulations, all the wins and all the losses, downfalls, the truth, storytelling, soulful street shit mixed with a few summer anthems! If this album don't get me out the hood, fuck it, I'll make another one!"

Check out Koran Streets' "The Preface" video below.

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