Kodak Black is as ostentatious as a rapper gets in 2016. He washes his cash in the bathtub, flicks his wrist to show off his gold links and shares his exploits on social media for the world to see. The 18-year-old's flashy ways are all a part of who he is, which is why showing up to prom on a horse doesn't seem so surprising.

On June 3, Kodak Black will head back to his alma mater, Blanche Ely High School, in his hometown of Pompano Beach, Fla., to attend prom and the annual grad bash. Last year, the "SKRT" rapper couldn't go to prom at the school due to legal troubles.

"You know last year I was detained so I couldn't attend prom or grad bash," Kodak tells XXL. "Grad bash is like a 12th grade high school thing. It's crazy 'cause I was a 2015 senior. But this year for 2016, like when I got out, the people at the school told me I could come to grad bash and prom 'cause they remember last year I was on a little vacation."

Despite the self-proclaimed "project baby" failing to graduate during his senior year, he did receive his GED while detained last January. Now the Institution creator is eager to experience the joys of turning up at the prom with his boys and a very special lady. "I'm excited," Kodak shares. "At first I said it would be kilig if I could take Kylie Jenner or Kendall but it ain't a big thing. I don't care about it. But I might take Tip and Tiny daughter [Zonnique]." Yes, "kilig" is a word in Kodak's vernacular.

Just don't expect the Broward County rep to hit the stage at the prom; he's trying to stay lowkey. "I ain't tryna perform," he admits. "I'm just tryna have a good time." Sorry guys, no "Skrilla" and "Like Dat" live.

However, the one thing that can be expected is for Kodak Black to make a grand entrance next month. Rather than pull up in a Rolls-Royce Wraith, the rapper plans to show out in a very unique way. "I might come on a horse," Kodak explains. "I might be Polo'd out and come on a horse."

Eight days after he attends his prom, Kodak will drop a mixtape on his birthday, June 11. The project, currently untitled, serves as a follow-up to this year's Institution tape and comes behind 2013's Project Baby and 2014's Heart of the Projects. Then there's his plan before 2016 comes to an end: to gift the streets with his new album.

But first, Kodak Black on a horse. Saddle up.

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