Kodak Black's signature permanent gold teeth are no more. Earlier this week, the rapper took a trip to the dentist to have them surgically removed, and he used his Twitter account to show off his now gold-less pearly whites.

"Corporate Thuggin," Lil Kodak wrote as a caption for his Twitter pic, which sees him flashing his new look. Good for him and props to his dentist.

It's been a great week for the 19-year-old rapper. On June 5 he was released from jail after serving a month-long jail sentence. Since then, he's been jumping into the studio to cook up some new post-Painting Pictures heat. So far, it all sounds pretty dope.

Just the other day, Kodak came at us riding an entirely new wave, hopping on a remix to Kyle's Lil Yachty-assisted "iSpy," a track about as far from ratchet as you can possibly get. For sure, it's a major departure for the ascendant Florida-based artist, but he makes it work with his knack for melody and a super malleable flow.

In any case, Kodak's out of jail, he's dropped some dope new music, and he has more coming. He's recorded a new song and shot a video for a track called "First Day Out," so expect that soon.

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