Atlantic Records has issued a statement on Kodak Black's court hearing today: “We are grateful for the mercy of the court and pleased with the outcome. We are excited to watch Kodak Black grow as an artist and he is so thankful for all of the support he has received.”

Original Story:

Kodak Black is coming home. He was sentenced today to one year of house arrest and five years of probation.

The Florida rapper had a hearing in Fort Lauderdale court today (Aug. 16) regarding his May re-arrest for false imprisonment, robbery without a weapon, operating a vehicle without a viable license, possession of a firearm by a delinquent and possession of marijuana.

According to Brett Clarkson, a reporter for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Kodak Black's legal team entered a no contest plea to all charges. Michael Kushner, executive vice president of legal at Atlantic Records, was in court to testify on behalf of Kodak, saying, "He’s only at the very beginning of a very promising career. It is our hope that the court will agree that he be given the opportunity to turn his life around. We consider Mr. Octave to be one of our most important signings in recent years and are proud to have him on the Atlantic roster."

Another friend of Kodak told the judge, "I think he deserves a second chance."

The judge, Lisa Porter, accepted that plea, telling the 19-year-old, "I will give you an opportunity, Mr Octave, to prove yourself here, and be a productive member of society [...] What happens from here on out is up to you."

Kodak will also perform community service, anger management and community control supervision. In addition, the judge withheld adjudication, meaning he won't become a convicted felon and will be allowed to tour internationally.

The judge will allow Kodak Black to come home whenever the jail releases him. Could be today, could be tomorrow. As Kodak exited the courtroom, his mother could be heard exclaiming, "I love you, baby boy!"

Welcome home, Project Baby. While he was inside, we collected 20 of his best loosies that aren't on any of his official mixtapes. Go check those out and bump 'em all in celebration.

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