Once a rapper makes it out of jail, they're not automatically in the clear. They sometimes have stipulations like staying within a certain area for a period of time. For rapper Kodak Black, while on house arrest for a year, there can be exceptions to those rules, as he was just granted permission to work with other rappers who have criminal records.

After serving 97 days of his 364-day sentence for violating house arrest, Kodak has been maintaining a busy schedule to make up for any lost time. Hitting the studio, he dropped a remix to Kyle's "iSpy" and released a new song and music video for "First Day Out." He even got a new diamond grill.

Soon after his release this month, Kodak played it safe and formally requested permission to record new music with artists with rap sheets. While on house arrest, one condition is that he would typically not be allowed to associate or work with known criminals. But according to a new TMZ report, a judge has granted Kodak's request. He will now have the chance to perform and record with artists like Gucci Mane and Juvenile. According to the order, the judge widened the scope of the decision to include hanging out with family members who have criminal records as well.

Kodak Black also released his highly anticipated album Painting Pictures in March, which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top 200. Read our piece on how the album was made.

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