A rep for Killer Mike told FADER he wouldn't be a part of Tim and Eric's TV show after all. Read the rep's full statement below.

"A couple of months ago, Tim & Eric's production company Abso-lutely was hired to provide production services for a project that Mike was a part of, but at no point were we ever developing a project with Tim & Eric or Abso, nor do we have any plans to at this time," the representative told The FADER via email. "Sadly an outlet took a piece of information out of context and then did some flimsy “investigative journalism” by going so far to speculate a connection to a specific network, but unfortunately, that’s just false. We definitely have plans for TV but nothing to report at this time."

Original Story:

Killer Mike could become a regular part of your television lineup. A new profile by Bloomberg on comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim reveals that a show starring Killer Mike is currently in development.

The article features a paragraph that mentions a few shows in development by Abso Lutely Productions, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim's production company. Among the shows listed is one starring none other than Run The Jewels member Killer Mike.

While Killer Mike working with Tim and Eric might not make sense on the surface, it does if you look at the cable network that connects them. The duo of Tim and Eric made a name for themselves through their work on Adult Swim, a bastion for alternative comedy.

Killer Mike has worked with Adult Swim on a variety of projects over the years including voice acting on the animated shows Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Frisky Dingo, a cameo on Abso Lutely's The Eric Andre Show and releasing his 2012 album R.A.P. Music through the network's Williams Street Records imprint. Adult Swim can also take some credit for Run The Jewels as creative director Jason Demarco was the man who introduced Killer Mike to El-P.

With all that mind, you can see how a Killer Mike and Abso Lutely Productions collaboration came to be. Obviously no details about the format of the show have been made public at this time. But if it does become a reality, it seems likely that the series will air on Adult Swim.

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