Ever since the release of his collaborative album, Run The Jewels, with El-P in June, Killer Mike has been making the rounds with the media. In an interview with HipHopDX this week, Killer Mike opens up on a variety of subjects including his love of Tarantino movies, his thoughts on whether Martin Luther King would like rap and who he thinks is the greatest rapper of all-time.

"The greatest rapper alive is Scarface." Killer Mike told HipHopDX. "No one else can have that because no one else has a 27, 26-year career of no wack albums."

Killer Mike also opened up on what he thinks about ghostwriting and the process he undergoes when he ghostwrites a song for another artist.

"There are some records that are for people that, even though I wrote the record, they needed to say the words." Mike revealed.  "I wrote the record for them…from their perspective. To me, that makes sense, and that’s more than appropriate. When it comes to pop hits or radio records, it really doesn’t matter who is writing it, ‘cause it’s almost like a commercial or a jingle—so you can take it however. I’m usually writing a record that’s not a radio record, so for me, it’s heartfelt and is based upon some type of emotion. When I write that record, I want to make sure I’m best representing that artist."

You can see the first part of the video above and see the second and third parts below.

[Via HipHopDX]