Known activist and rapper Killer Mike has remained vocal during several forms of social and civil injustice throughout the year. After breaking down in tears during a live performance show in St Louis, the Atlanta rapper spoke with CNN's Brooke Baldwin to discuss his emotional reaction toward the Darren Wilson indictment verdict for the murder of Mike Brown, his heartfelt response towards the Black community, and expand his thoughts on the tragedy as a whole. The interview can be viewed in two parts.

"I just cried like a baby," said Killer Mike. "I just held her in my arms and I just cried. When your wife—as a man, when your wife looks at you says to you, I don't know if God loves us, I had never heard anything that helpless in a moment since I had read a passage from a Holocaust survivor that questioned the validity or even God existed because the conditions they were living under. And it just hurt. I couldn't do anything. I was helpless in that moment."

Part two (seen below) of the interview features the Run The Jewels member discussing his expectations of President Obama, calling Darren Wilson a liar if he confronted him, the St. Louis Rams' "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" pregame protest, and more. Killer Mike's responses were personal and well-thought out, as he explained the teachings of his father (a black cop) and how he passed down those same respectful lessons to his family.

"I have been prepping my boys for my whole life. Like my father told me, you are to say, yes, sir and, no, sir, in face of authority and parents. You're not to fiddle. You're not to seem too fidgety. You're not to make aggressive moves towards the police. I been have taught the . My sons have been taught this." Recently, Killer Mike co-authored op-ed piece for USA Today on Anthony Elonis' case.