Killer Mike has been one of the few outspoken hip-hop artists taking a stance on the events taking place in Ferguson, Mo. and the state of American culture. Earlier this week, Killer Mike joined DJ Envy, Charlamagne and Angela Yee on Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club" and had a lot to say. Mike waxed poetically about police brutality and how American's Constitutional Rights are being violated, regardless of race or skin color.

“Really what I’m disgraced by is that Americans have gotten to the point where we’re so comfortable choosing sides,” Killer Mike said. “‘Well, I’m black middle class.’ ‘I’m white middle class.’ ‘I’m working class.’ ‘I’m poor.’ We’ve gotten conditioned to pick these boxes to the point that we don’t see the brutal and real truth before us. I don’t care if you argue that kid was a thug. I don’t care if you argue black-on-black crime. I don’t care [about] any of the senseless arguments you have that you argue. An American’s constitutional rights to due process were eliminated with those six bullets. I am an American. I am promised a certain amount of rights by the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution. And any time a policeman puts me in a chokehold and ignores me saying ‘I can’t breathe.’ And I die in front of cameras, in front of other Americans on the New York streets. Or a child dies in the streets of a suburb of St. Louis all of our rights are affected. It makes all of our rights easier to trample on...This isn’t just a black people/cop problem. This is an American people/cop problem…"

Killer Mike also joined Fox News earlier this week to discuss the relationship between police and the community. Mike's father and cousin are both Atlanta city cops and understands the need for policing. The Run The Jewels MC calls for citizens to vote in their local elections and engage with local police departments on a regular basis.

"To keep police safe, we’re going to have to have police be a part of our community again and not just occupy our community," said Mike. "As an American, we have to stay vested and make sure our constitutional rights are not being violated. So I would encourage everyone to vote locally, to engage your police departments when you DON’T need them, not when you’re calling 911. Know your local policemen, know your local police sergeant, know your police chief and be a part of an active local campaign in your community."