Killer Mike visited Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9 recently, speaking on the recent deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and urged residents of the city to combat prejudice by spending and investing their money with businesses that vocally support them and their causes.

"Take your money out of this dog’s hands," he says in the above clip. "It’s time to get these dogs out of office that care nothing for you."

Mike's point is that speaking with money is a faster way to change as corporations will notice a monetary shift more than any other. He applauds Atlanta and the police force there for continuing to create a safe environment for black communities, but notes that by galvanizing their financial interests, they can inspire change throughout the country.

"15 miles outside of Atlanta, I’m afraid I will be murdered. And I’m tired of living in an environment where this city is the only place in this country where I feel safe as a black person," he said, after expressing his own anger, hurt, disgust and shame at the tragic events of the week. "I just want to say it is time to get angry and do something. It is time to prevent these abusers and these police that abuse the law."

It's an impassioned speech, that ended with Mike giving advice to black Americans. "Do whatever it takes to survive a police encounter, don’t give them a reason to kill you," he said. "But should you have to fight for your life, it is certainly better to have to look at a jury than your mother have to look at a pallbearer."

Watch the full interview up above.

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