Kid Cudi went on a sprawling Twitter rant today (April 22) that addressed everything from thoughts of suicide to a new album. The Cleveland native admitted that he thinks about ending his life every week during his spree of tweets.

"I think about blowing my brains out a handful a times a week, I fear no one," Cudi wrote. "I gives no fucks. I'm a warrior in hell."

In the midst of his diatribe, the rapper announced that he would release a new album in the summer. "New album this summer," he tweeted.

The Twitter posts featured a theme of being underappreciated and a perceived lack of respect he felt from some unidentified opposition.

"I'm pretty much underappreciated in every aspect of my life. That's ok because soon you'll have no choice but to honor me. My power is pure," he wrote. "I got here with all odds against me. I will rise again. I am here. Ain't nobody fuckin with me. No one. None of these n---as."

The "Day 'n' Nite" artist also expressed disillusionment with the industry. He stated that he did not have many friends in the business despite the love he shares for many others.

"I have no friends in this business," he tweeted. "I only fuck [with] Dennis, Dot and my ace Charles Worth. I love of them more than I love myself. I love everyone I love more than I love myself. Fuck whoever has an issue with me. I'll crush [you] fuckin' skull."

It is unclear what provoked this outburst from Kid Cudi. The rapper was seemingly in good spirits of late as recently spoke to Paul Reubens, better known as Pee-wee Herman. During an episode of The Talkhouse podcast, Cudi told Reubens he wrote a part for the comedic actor in his TV pilot.

See Kid Cudi's surprising tweets below.

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